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Communications Options

Datamax has introduced the Series II generation of high performance wired and wireless Ethernet cards. The new cards are standard on all H-Class printers and are available for the M-Class Mark II, I-Class printers (except I-4208) and A-Class. The enhanced solutions give users increased security with WiFi WPA certification and superior performance, and also allow complete configuration of the printer through the cards web interface.

DMXNet II and DMXrfNet II

The new DMXNet II and DMXrfNet II cards offer advanced functionality while maintaining the same price as the old network cards. The main enhancement of the DMXNet II cards is that ALL printer menu options are now available through the web interface, whereas in the Series 1 cards, only Ethernet options were available.

WLAN offers 802.11b/g radios
WLAN option now offers superior performance and WPA support.
There is no price increase for the new LAN and WLAN options.
The printer can be fully configured through either of the cards web interface.

NOTE: I-4208 - Due to the added encryption and processor requirements, the new Series II cards can not be used with the I-4208 printer. For LAN, the original 10/100 DMXNet card is still available. There is now no WLAN option for this printer.

DMXNet II & DMXrfNet II Installation and User Guide