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Datamax-O'Neil A Class Mk 2 Print Engines

The new Datamax A-Class Mk 2 family of print engine products are designed to include some of the most innovative features ever found in a print and apply engine. These massive stainless steel workhorses are intended to be an invisible piece of a bigger part of production equipment, facilitating the process of finalizing production through package identification.

The A-Class consists of both 4-inch and 6-inch wide print engines with 203, 300, 400 or 600 dpi resolution available in both right- and left-hand models. The Datamax A-Class, as a stainless steel product, is designed to address the specialized corrosion resistant needs found in applications such as the food processing industry. The A-Class was developed for demanding multi-shift, mission critical applications that require optimal throughput from an easy to operate, highly durable print engine.

The A-Class utilizes the same electronics card cage design as is found in the popular Datamax I-Class. This allows integrators to choose from a selection of connectivity options to be easily inserted into the card cage. Options include the DMXNet II internal Ethernet LAN card, the DMXrfNet II internal 802.11b/g WiFi card, and others.

In addition to a graphical display control panel, the A-Class also includes the Datamax/MCL client which enables truly intelligent applications to be hosted within the A-Class itself. Print and apply integrators and OEMs will appreciate the customization possibilities now available to them through the use of the Datamax A-Class and its MCL application development capabilities.

A Class Mk 2 Quick Facts

Resolution : 203, 300, 406, 600 dpi
Print Method : Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer

Printer - Max Print Speed - Resolution - Print Width
A-4212 - 300 mm/sec (12 ips) - 203 dpi - 104 mm
A-4310 - 250 mm/sec (10 ips) - 300 dpi - 106 mm
A-4408 - 200 mm/sec (  8 ips) - 400 dpi - 104 mm
A-4606 - 150 mm/sec (  6 ips) - 600 dpi - 106 mm
A-6212 - 300 mm/sec (12 ips) - 203 dpi - 168 mm
A-6310 - 250 mm/sec (10 ips) - 300 dpi - 163 mm

Minimum Media Width : 4" printers - 25mm    6" printers - 50mm
Label Length : 3.18mm -> 4.75M
Std. Memory : 16Mb DRAM / 4Mb FLASH
PC Interface : 1 x Serial, Parallel, USB & 10/100 Ethernet
1 x Applicator Interface (15 pin)


Left and Right Handed Versions
Ribbon Save Option
10/100 Ethernet Card
802.11b/g Wireless Ethernet Card
Remote Display
RFID options (Encodes EPC Class 1 tags
External Keyboard Support
8Mb Flash Memory Upgrade (New Main Board)
Hangul, Kanji & Simplified Chinese font support

Documents & Downloads(Click on ICON to Download File)

  A Class Mk II Data Sheet

  A Class Mk II Installation Guide (1.4 Mb)

  A Class Mk II Users Manual (7.6 Mb)

  Class Series Programmers Manual - v11+ Firmware (3 Mb)

 The latest Windows Drivers and Printer configuration utility

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